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How much can I make?

The referral amount depends on the seniority of the candidate and their skillset.

Intermediate Level


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Senior Level

$500 to $750

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What are the requirements to refer?
  • Referral must be for a current vacancy only
  • The referral is valid for two months from the date of submission
  • One person can provide an unlimited number of referrals
  • A referral is accepted if the recruiter has not already contacted the candidate in the prior two months and the candidate hasn’t been previously referred by someone else
  • The referred candidate must not have already applied for the position or already being considered for the position or already had been referred
  • The referred candidate should be informed about the position and be interested in interviewing for the position
  • You can’t refer yourself
  • You can’t refer someone that would work for you
  • The information must be up to date and accurate
What kind of bonus will I receive?
  • If the individual you refer is hired, you’ll receive a referral bonus
  • The referral bonus is paid once the referred candidate has successfully passed their probationary period (generally 30-60 days)
  • The bonus is paid under the terms of a written agreement
  • The amount of the bonus depends on the candidate’s skillsets and seniority level