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Top 7 Reasons for Developers to Relocate to Lviv

With its extensive 766-year history, Lviv has become an attractive destination for people from across the globe. Beautiful architecture, a wide range of institutions, rich cultural life, cuisine that has no equal — come here for a weekend, and you might not want to ever leave. 

This unique city, with some of the friendliest citizens anywhere, boasts hundreds of startups and big companies. There are thousands of opportunities for developers to work in various IT jobs in Lviv and significant career growth potential.  

But why choose Lviv over other European cities?  

We’ll reveal why Lviv is a perfect IT destination for developers, sharing key reasons why you should consider relocating to Lviv. 

Why Should Developers Relocate To Lviv? Top Reasons and Benefits 

  1. Big Tech Community 

Lviv is considered one of the top 3 Ukrainian cities in the IT industry, alongside Kyiv and Kharkiv, with over 31,000 IT professionals. Moreover, the Ukrainian tech community, in general, is exceptionally active, taking part in global conferences and organizing local ones. This offers great opportunities to network, connect, and find new opportunities. 

Lviv has its own IT communities, bringing together some of the top-notch technology specialists, companies, local authorities, and educational institutions to improve the local tech community and local regulations.  

The most renowned IT conferences, forums, and communities include: 

  • Lviv IT Arena 
  • PyCon Ukraine 
  • Lviv IT Jazz Conference 
  • Lviv Outsourcing Forum 
  • Lviv AI and Big Data 
  • D-Tech Space Conference 

These conferences provide many opportunities to network and learn. 

  1. Excellent Cuisine  

Another reason why developers go to Lviv is to experience its gastronomic delights. It’s no secret that the city is considered the heart of gastronomic tourism in Ukraine. ​​Numerous coffee houses, bars, pubs, and unique restaurants create a unique atmosphere in the town. In fact, with the number of new spots opening yearly, no weekend will be boring as there will always be places to try something new and tasty. 

Lviv’s eateries are distinguished from other Ukrainian restaurants because they each have their particular theme, style, and often long history. 

In 2021, no less than 19 Lviv institutions became finalists of the SALT National Restaurant Awards. Cafes and restaurants competed in different categories, including meat restaurants, coffee houses, beer bars, and pastry shops. And three of them won the award: 

  • Bachevsky Restaurant – best Ukrainian cuisine restaurant 
  • Panorama, Edem Resort Medical Spa – best hotel restaurant 
  • Terrace by the lake, Edem Resort Medical Spa – best country restaurant 

If exquisite cuisine doesn’t make you want to drop everything and relocate to Lviv, then perhaps the breathtaking architecture will persuade you. 

  1. Beautiful Architecture 

Founded in 1256, the city still holds the history of ancient times. Most of the architecture in Lviv was created at a time when the city was part of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria and, later, the Austrian Empire. Lviv’s architecture radically differs from that of the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, or other Ukrainian cities. 

In Lviv, walking along the narrow old streets and admiring the elegant churches will make you feel like you’re wandering the cities of Europe in a past era. Every building in the city has its history and exploring them is one of the most interesting reasons to live in Lviv. 

  1. Active Cultural Life 

Another reason why developers love living in Lviv is that life is never boring in this city. Something exciting is always happening in this city: celebrations, holidays, festivals, fairs, and other events. 

The city also offers many concerts, unique theater performances, and entertainment for every taste. 

Below are just some of the great events and locations we recommend you check out: 

  • LvivMozArt 
  • Leopolis Jazz Fest
  • Coffee Festival 
  • Beer Festival 
  • Chocolate Festival 
  • Cheese and Wine Festival 
  1. Quick and Easy Travel to the European Union 

Another benefit of working in Lviv as a developer is that it won’t affect your passion for travel. Lviv is only ~70km from the Polish border and ~300km from the Hungarian border. You can be at the border in 1.5 hours by car. If you don’t have a car, you can still get around very easily by using buses and trains from Lviv to Poland and other EU countries. 

During normal times (and once Ukraine wins the war and the Russian invasion ends) you can take advantage of the Lviv modern international airport with flights to take you to Gdansk, Wroclaw, Katowice, Berlin, Dortmund, London, Milan, Venice, Naples and many other cool places. 

  1. Strong Educational Opportunities  

Lviv has many opportunities for higher education, with institutions that offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in mathematics, computer science, and other related fields: 

  • Lviv Polytechnic National University 
  • Ivan Franko National University of Lviv 
  • Lviv University of Trade and Economics 
  • Ukrainian Catholic University 
  • IT Step University (specializing in IT education only) – AI, data science, big data, networks and cybersecurity, web development, and web design programs 

Relocating to Lviv also brings opportunities to attend many local tech meetups, workshops and training.  

  1. Friendly Environment  

In 2019, Lviv was recognized as the most comfortable place to live among the Ukrainian cities. And it doesn’t come as a surprise — Lviv is well known for its atmosphere. The city always welcomes its guests, with friendly, helpful, and generous people ready to either share a drink with you or make a day excursion to their favorite city spots. 

Land Your Dream Job in Lviv with Varyence 

As you can see, we love to talk about Lviv. The reasons why you should relocate to Lviv are endless. Lviv offers a vibrant environment to live in, and you can find great job opportunities. 

Getting a developer job in Lviv is easy, especially if you have a connection to a great company in Lviv.  

If you are a developer interested in exploring relocating to Lviv, reach out to us for advice.  

Varyence is a multi-national company founded in the United States, with offices in Ukraine, Croatia and the United States. We have over 100 employees working across the globe. We provide software product commercialization, web and mobile development, AI/ML/IOT, Cybersecurity, and cloud infrastructure services to customers worldwide. 

We are focused on providing high quality services to customers. We are more concerned about our customers and employees’ well-being and success than about profits. We believe if we have happy customers and happy employees, then success will come. 

Most of our clients are companies we have worked with for many years, on long-term engagements, some since the inception of our business. Our clients are mainly based in the United States, with some in Western Europe. 

We are always looking for talented developers to join us. Feel free to get in touch and find out more details about our open positions!  

Our relocation department can assist you with your relocation plans to Lviv, Ukraine. They will help you find an apartment; get you settled in with everything you need to enjoy living and working in Lviv. You may also be eligible for a relocation package to help with moving and relocation costs. 


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