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About Us

Varyence is a multi-national company founded in the United States, with offices in Ukraine, Croatia and the United States.

We have over 100 employees working across the globe. We provide custom software development, product commercialization, web & mobile development, data science, cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure services, and compliance automation services to customers worldwide.

Who we are

We are focused on providing high quality services to customers. We are more concerned about our customers and employees’ well-being and success than about profits. We believe if we have happy customers and happy employees, then success will come.

Most of our clients are companies we have worked with for many years, on a long-term basis, some since the inception of our business. Our clients are mainly based in the United States and Western Europe.

Services & Competences

We particularly enjoy helping our customers with product commercialization initiatives – helping them turn their business ideas into commercial products and successful companies.

This requires technical and business know-how to help our customers be successful, which requires excellent employees who can work with us to help make that happen for them.


UI/UX Design 




Web & Mobile


We work with most major technologies

Below are the main ones we use

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